Birthday Beats


Birthday Beats

Hello everyone, this weeks article is something a little different from the previous. Music is very much part of my life, and is very much my version of comfort food. Good or bad, my mood really influences what I choose, and I can get very lost amidst the process. When I’m high, not literally, ok maybe literally, it only glorifies the euphoria, However when I am down it allows me to make me feel dark and gloomy and all emo’y’ and shit. Its basically my bff that I can vent to when I’m pissed off. Their are many moods in between, and I won’t waste your time trying to be witty.

This week I am happy :) . It’s my birthday, and I am prepping an outdoor set with lots of energy for my party. I’ve gone more housey then I usually would allow myself, and daddy likes. Shut up and Dance will kick you in the ass, and make you dance no matter how you’re feeling, it acheives its title. If you have musical ADD like my girlfriend fastforward a couple minutes, the song takes time to develop, but personally thats why I enjoy it.

You may have already heard of Tyson, his debut album ‘Die on the Dancefloor’ came out in Februrary and it did not disapoint. Die on the dancefloor was one of my favorite songs late winter/ early spring, it helped me usher in the summer, by teasing people with promises of sunshine and rainbows, and all that good stuff. His newest single Mr. Rain, is a nice follow up.

So without further adieu, here are the songs.

Candi Staton - Hallelujah Anyway (Larse Vocal)

Tyson - Mr. Rain (Sante Remix)

pleasurekraft - Shut Up and Dance feat.Chris The Voice Pleasurekraft_Remix


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