Dog Days of Summer


Dog Days of Summer

If you haven’t already heard of Solee, this legend has been at it since the early 90′s, he is revered by his peers as an exceptionally gifted artist. From his off the wall remixes to his smooth and musical productions he really nails it all the time, every time. He is my man crush of the moment, his patience with his productions leaves me in anticipation like a young girl at a school dance. K9 is just one of those tracks that you will find lurking the annals of your iTunes years from now gathering dust and will still give you goosebumps. Solee has been given the nod from many of the trendsetters, so if Carl Cox, Sasha, and Gui Boratto think he is awesome so should you.

Gui Boratto - Paralelo (Solee Remix)


TIMO GARCIA, AMBER JOLENE - Lady Luck (City Lights) – Solee Remix

On a different note, keep on the look out for Montreal young up and comer Andru. The 18 year old is classically trained, he got into trance at the tender age of twelve and the rest is history. His tunes are extremely catchy, you can’t help but notice the classical influence. Jupiter in particular makes me want to squeak open a bottle of Tanqueray and pour myself a sloppy gin & tonic, really looking forward to hearing the entire ep.

The Dream (Original Mix)




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