Smooth Friday Night Swagger


Smooth Friday Night Swagger

Check out rising stars Papa Skunk & Project Aspect remix of an Umphrey’s McGee’s classic. What you get is a perfect balance between that underground rave scene face melt, bass transitions, bump de bump wobble of Colorado Crunk music and the smooth grooviness of Umphrey’s McGee’s bass guitar and velvet vocals. Bliss.

Check out Papa Skunk & Project Aspect soundcloud for a bit heavier and more liquid sound. Baby Bash Suga Suga and Will Smith Wild Wild West remixes enought to entice you to check it out?? I hope so.

Booth Love (Papa Skunk and Project Aspect Remix) – Umphrey’s McGee

Have a great noche! Love ATV,

Project Aspect Soundcloud
Papa Skunk Soundcloud


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