What a beautiful day in Montreal. The sun’s out, the birds are singing and the ladies in sundresses are out in full effect.

This calls for some hardbody beats, something to get the blood flowing in your head. It’s been a while since I’ve done a song dump post, so here you are.

Drippin- Choppaz 1080p

As you probably know, Bergen’s Drippin is one of my favorite producers. His hi-def MEGADRVNK vibes are tremendously heavy, and he has been getting a good amount of local and international love. His mix for Avenge The Virgins was extremely tight, and well worth checking out if you haven’t done so already. Choppaz 1080p is a traphouse banger, and reminds me of NO LIMIT RECORDS for some reason, which is pretty f’in sweet.


Hesk - Lost

Seriously though, HESK is a fuckin’ BEAST on the tracks. One of our most prolific and talented producers, the Juke king of the 514 seems to be dropping a new remix or original every second week, and he’s been on a winnin’ streak recently. This one is a smooth footwork refix of Gorilla Zoe & Lil Wayne’s Lost, produced by Drumma Boy. If this is your first time hearing his music, keep your eyes locked on his soundcloud, there’s always some serious heat to be found.


Isaiah Toothtaker + Rapewolf- Burn It Down

Isaiah Toothtaker is one of the meanest lookin’ motherfuckers on the planet, so you’d expect that he’s some kind of gruff gangsta rapper. To be honest, he’s actually one of the more creative artists that Arizona has to offer. I first took notice after he collaborated with former Montrealer Prison Garde/Sixtoo/Megasoid, and it was a real surprise to see him collaborating with Montrealers again for the video. The visuals were created by Montreal’s 10kilos.us collective, and it features a few local personalities and artists like High-Klassified, Kaytradamus & Tommy Kruise.

Oh, it’s mad NSFW, too. Just throwing that out there.

Download Isaiah Toothtaker + Rapewolf’s Rob Zombie mixtape right HERE.

see you on the flipside,



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