Purple Paris: Ninjas in Trap City

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Purple Paris: Ninjas in Trap City

I am going to put together some assumptions leading to a conclusion:

1. You are aware of Tyga’s Rack City…Bitch.
2. I am also sure you recognize Jay-Z and Kanye’s hit Ninjas* in Paris.
3. You know AtV writers take raging to the highest order.
4. Patch be the most gutta gutta ninja around.
*(I’ll be using the word ninja instead of the n-word, so get used to it).

Mimosa and An-ten-nae’s remixes blasting through my sub all weekend. These songs go HAM and make the previous radio-hits look Teddy Bear Soft. Mid tempo trap music from two of my favorite producers in the game. I think the songs speak for themselves.

Tiga -Trap City Bitch (Trap Remix)

Jay-Z ft. Kanye West - Niggas In Paris (MiMOSA REMiX)


Ayyy post seems light, so extras if ya share the love! Please and thank ya. Rub yo titties if you love hip hop, grab yo dick if you a fan of glitch hop.

Notorious BIG - JUICY (Minnesota RMX)

DR2 – Ratched It (lil’ Boosie)


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