Original Don Dada


Original Don Dada

Love them or hate them, Major Lazer are one of the most important acts in electronic dance music. Diplo & Switch’s dancehall project has taken over our airwaves and brains for the past few years, and their live show is nigh-legendary. Some may call it hipsterati cultural reappropriation, but the truth of the matter is that they make amazing dance music.

Having been a fan of reggae and dancehall for quite some time, I’ve always had a weakness for Major Lazer’s tunes, no matter how overplayed they have been. Nothing gets the ladies going like a great island anthem.

Since spring seems to be in its death throes, I figured that a little dose of one-drop swagger was in order, if only to get us warmed up for the summer months to come. Nothing too complex, just an amazing trapped-out remix of Original Don by Chicago bosses Flosstradamus and one of the catchiest and best songs of the year thus far, an amazing hit called Get Free, which features Amber Coffman from indie darlings The Dirty Projectors on vocals.

Turn up the bass, spark a little sensi, and enjoy the vibes.

Major Lazer ft Amber Coffman of the Dirty Projectors - Get Free

Major Lazer - Original Don (Flosstradamus remix)

By the way, the third volume of our Avenge The Virgins mix series will be dropping within the next week. We’ll keep everything a secret until then, but I assure you, it is ridiculous. Plenty fucking ridiculous.

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