oh! Renart

oh! Renart

Credit goes to Charlotte Caron for the artwork

Being stuck at work on such a beautiful day was kind of a downer until I came across this new artist: Renart.

He’s an insanely talented producer from Lille, France. Most of his work is just pure gold; I’ve been listening to his addictive deep house sounds all day and I still can’t get enough of it. Renart’s newest EP, Petits Charmes, released by Cracki Records not even a moth ago, is available to enjoy right now on Beatport.

I would love to tell you more about Renart’s work but to be honest, there isn’t much info about him out there. All you got to know is that if you were looking for a dope vibe to chill on this friday night, don’t look further.

Renart - Au Matin, la Mort de l'Astre {Cracki Records}

Extra eye candy featuring Renart’s work *NSFW



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