Monday Chillin'


Monday Chillin'

A little bit of hip-hop greatness to get you going on a beautiful summer day.

First track brought you by Chi-town emcee, Rhymefest. His name might ring a bell since he’s one of Kanye’s homie and co-wrote the “Jesus Walks” single. Today’s featured beat, “Get Down”, is off his first and actually very good album, “Blue Collar”. At some point Kanye was trying to push this dude’s career to the next level but the mainstream crowd they were aiming for didn’t really respond well to his style. Nonetheless, he released some great music and you should definitely check out this album.

Rhymefest – Get Down

Next one is a track reuniting 3 OG members from one of the most legendary but yet shortest existing group, “The Firm”. Classic New-York vibe on this one, can’t mess with that.

Cormega feat. AZ & Nature – Who Am I

Going strong on this one with another dope track featuring 2 of my favorite hip-hop acts; Little Brother (Phonte & Rapper Big Pooh) and Pete Rock. Again and again with that NYC shit.

Pete Rock & Little Brother – Bring Yall Back

see you guys next time,



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  • What up Cal! Good looking out, Rhymefest, Little Bro’ . Finally, something to wake up to. Very Nice!

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