MEG x Piknic : Jacques Greene, MachineDrum, Lunice, Son Raw, Nymra & Sofisticated (29/07/2012)


MEG x Piknic : Jacques Greene, MachineDrum, Lunice, Son Raw, Nymra & Sofisticated (29/07/2012)

MEG Festival has officially started yesterday and that means a series of the illest events. Matt did a great cover on today’s line-up at Belmont, but in my opinion it isn’t going to be the only highlight of the festival. One of the events that’s sure to be unforgettable will be at Picknic Electronik and if you’ve ever been to Picknic, you know that this only means good things especially with a line-up that features local talents Jacques Greene, Lunice, Nymra & Sophisticated and Sonraw, as well as MachineDrum, a promising producer from Brooklyn. So you best attend this event if y’all looking for a good time this coming Sunday.


Place : PIKNIC ÉLECTRONIK (Parc Jean-Drapeau)
Price : 12$+Tx
When: Sunday, July 29  – 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm

On Sunday the 29th of July, as part of the MEG festival, the Piknik Elektronik will be holding a special program at its usual site, at the Place de l’Homme in the Jean-Drapeau Park. On the menu: the Montrealers Jacques Greene and Lunice, well-known for their audacity and their eclecticism; the American Machinedrum; half of the Sepalcure duo; and a good dose of bass and jungle rhythms with Son Raw. On the GURU scene, the ladies Nymra & Sofisticated will be pumping out a special nature edition of their High Heels Prohibited party. So does this mean I can whip out my high-heeled flip-flops?

Event info

Here’s little sneak peek of what MEG is planning to fill your ears with :

Jacques Greene

Radiohead - Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene rmx)


The Touch - All I Find (Lunice Remix)


Machinedrum - Luster

Son Raw

Piknic Podcast - Son Raw - Dark Grime & Garage

Nymra & Sofisticated (Guru scene)

Nymra & Sofisticated - High Heels Prohibited 002

Jacques Greene
Son Raw
Nymra & Sofisticated

‘Nough said.


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