Macaskill and Winchusky


Macaskill and Winchusky

Who? Well Macaskill and Winchusky of course…

A couple homies from the Niagara Region in Ontario decided to put together an EP this summer consisting of sweet guitar licks, live drum samples and some bass that will rip off your face.  (Justin) Macaskill is a math student at McGill with a passion for Electronic music and an increasing propensity to drop bangin’ beats and do some crafty sampling work on his Macbook Pro.  Winchusky, well we’ll save that for another day.

Check out this Dr. Strangelove edit of their track Civilian Broadcast, one of the first three tracks on the EP in progress. You can also hit up Macaskill on Soundcloud.

macaskill & Winchusky - Track 2 (Dr. Strangelove Edit)

Stay tuned for more!



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