Let’s Get Weird: Part One


Let’s Get Weird: Part One

I thought I’d start a Tuesday soundcloud series ‘Let’s Get Weird’ which would feature more of the experimental, mentally stimulating, and funky side of music. This means the filthy, industrial, heavy, brainless, funky, gorey, rockin-ragin world and the straight up mental. A lot of critical people like my parents will say that this “isnt music!”, and it may be a guilty pleasure, but i dig it. Different sort of theme each week.

Part One: Bass Landscapes

iambenga - Soundcloud i didnt know

Om Unit - Ulysses (Reso Remix)




  • “Get Weird, Stay Weird!?”

    -Love your Merica’ Friends
    -Sam & Kelly

  • “Get Weird,…get others Weird”
    In full effect next Tuesday. What a long strange trip it’ll be my friends!
    Love right back at ya,

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