Let’s Get Weird: Part Four


Let’s Get Weird: Part Four

Weird: different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity or suspicion.

सुनेत्र SUNETRA, a producer from Dubai, produces totally different music with a huge influence of Seapunk genre and it’s heavy liquid sounds, as well as some varied hip hop beatmaking and sampling. Turns out his tumblr site and all his soundcloud tracks have been removed from internet, which is odd in itself.

Fairy Land – सुनेत्र [SUNETRA]

Dolphin Stomp – सुनेत्र [SUNETRA]

I gave you Fairies and Dolphins. And now, here are some Horses from Julio Bashmore. Of course, this is a bit more grooveable. Something to clean your palette after getting raped by Sunetra.

Are you curious or suspicious?



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