Lana Del Rey – Radio (Love Thy Brother Remix)


Lana Del Rey – Radio (Love Thy Brother Remix)

We always try to rep our city at ATV, but the sad thing is most of the great talents Montreal has to offer don’t always get the attention they deserve. However, the producer duo “Love Thy Brother” has been gaining a considerable reputation lately with a couple tracks hitting the top of Hypem’s popular chart. Since the first time Liam and Connor Clarke’s work came to my attention in 2010, they’ve been constantly improving their production’s skills, leading them to open for some of the best artists on the electronic scene.

Once again, their most recent release, a rework of “Radio” by Lana Del Rey, is sure to generate its share of hype. I could tell you how great the rhythm is and powerful the synths are, but honestly how could I put it better than their own perspective of the track:

With this track we wanted to combine two things that people love and hate on more than anything on this planet: Lana Del Rey & Dubstep

We really hate to see a damsel in distress and felt the need to do our small part. For our defence of the embattled songstress we chose Radio, which we thought fitting as it seems to be her proverbial f– you to all her haters.

For our take we started out with our own dark and heavy orchestration — strings, horns, guitars etc — our homage to the cinematic and melancholic production that Justin Parker brought to Born to Die as well as the Larry Gold parts. Since Lana seems to like “really dark and f—ed up” we decided to do Emile one better and drop it into really dark arpeggiated bassline and glitchy distortion.

And because the original song straddles this really great mix between melancholy and happiness we drop it into a happy DnB breakdown at the end.


Lana Del Rey – Radio (Love Thy Brother Remix)


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Be sure to check out their upcoming tracks




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  • conor &Liam says:
    March 16, 2012 at 2:36 am


    Thanks a lot guys… Having guys from MTL post our stuff beats anything else. Also great job on the redesign – Site looks sick

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