Laid Back Sunday #32


Laid Back Sunday #32

It’s already that time of the week, let’s get it cracking.

Starting it off with a mellow instrumental from Canadian rap group Swollen Members. A great combination of piano & drums. Peep it, this is definitely suited for some of that “distingué” business

Swollen Members – The Reflection (Instrumental)


Next track is a classic collabo by 2 OGs : DMX & Mary J Blige. Reminiscing the good times when DMX used to own the game. Dude was definitely one of the illests. Again, great instrumental featuring a piano & drums, doesn’t get better than this.

DMX & Mary J Blige – Comin’ From


3rd track brought you by another Canadian rap collective from Vancouver, BC (we like to represent, yaknow). The group was formed in 2000 and is composed of : Mr. Marmalade, DJ Itchy Ron, Metty the Dert Merchant, Mos Eisley, Dusty Melodica & Conscience. Not sure what kind of stuff they usually produce but this one is a cool track to bump while chilling on a lake/boat.

Sweatshop Union – The Thing About It


Raising the tempo a couple notches with this beat featuring Big Noyd & Joell Ortiz. You’ll recognize quickly the classic New York hip-hop sound to it. This song is off Big Noyd’s album “Illustrious”, which is not bad if you wanna check it out.

Big Noyd feat. Joell Ortiz – Ghetto


Finishing it up with a classic by A Tribe Called Quest. You never have too much Tribe in your library. Lyrics to gogo fo sho’

A Tribe Called Quest – Lyrics To Go


Oh and here’s a new video featuring some heat by The Outlawz, Trae the Truth, Z-RO, and June Summers


see ya next time




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