Krueger – This Is Sick (Drippin’ remix)


Krueger – This Is Sick (Drippin’ remix)

Today’s song features an absolutely unreasonable amount of bass, and is likely to cost you a pair of new speakers. The low-end frequencies and codeine-house vibes of this terrifying remix of Philly producer’s This is Sick by Norwegian maniac Drippin’ are likely to brighten up your day and induce labor in your girlfriend.

Drippin’s productions are a relatively recent discovery of mine, but everything that I have heard so far from this producer from Bergen, Norway, has been top-shelf dopeness. Eschewing any desire to fit into a genre, Drippin instead focuses on producing titanesque basslines and sprinkling gallons of lean and malt liquor on his melodies.

His remix of This Is Sick is particularly lethal on the synapses, and hits you like a head-on collision with an eighteen wheeler. Full of weed.

Yeah, it’s 4-20, so you want stoner music, but you need to stay alert. Drippin has got exactly what you need to stay one step ahead of the game.

Krueger - This Is Sick (Drippin Remix)

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