Jeremy Rose


Jeremy Rose

I recently started to listen some of Jeremy Rose’s most recent work after discovering he was the uncredited producer behind some of The Weeknd most amazing tracks. To be more precise, the first three songs released by the Weeknd, “What You Need,” “Loft Music” and “The Morning” were all produced by Jeremy Rose after he and Abel randomly stumbled upon each other in Torontoa few years ago.

I’ll spare you the details on how their beef started, but I strongly suggest you take a look at Vice’s cover on the matter [read article here].

In spite of his misadventure with The Weeknd, Jeremy Rose, a.k.a Zodiac, is still dropping some dope gems that will perfectly fit any laid back evening.

Hope you like it.

Zodiac - Come ft. Jesse Boykins III

Zodiac - Come ft. Jesse Boykins III

Jeremy Rose – Lemon Incist



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