Introducing : Holysmokes


Introducing : Holysmokes

I just realized this post was supposed to be released a couple weeks ago, but I apparently forgot to press that dang publish button. My bad…

I recently came across this dope producer/artist/guitar player from Montreal among the the truckload of music submission we receive on a daily basis.

The artist is Chase Horseman, a.k.a Holysmokes, a 22 year old that left Vancouver a few years ago to establish Montreal and study Sound & Music Recording at Recording Arts Canada. Completely submerged into music since he was only 11, he is now a full time artist and founder of Reaktor Productions.

If you shuffle through his work, it won’t take time before you notice that the man is talented, and also extremely versatile. Here are my favourites :

Platnum x Holysmokes – Mickey Blue Eyes

Holysmokes – One of These Days

He also did some work with Love Thy Brother, such as their remix of “Artifitial Nocturne” by Metric and “Angels” by The XX.

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