Introducing : Ain’t no Love

no love

Introducing : Ain’t no Love

Love Thy Brother is a name you all should be familiar with. The Canadian duo gained some serious attention in the past years with hits such as their remix of “Daugther – Youth” and my personal favorite, “Queen – Rock you”. If you’ve been enjoying their family affair, “Ain’t No Love”, the new project on which Liam Clarke (one half of Love thy Brother) is working on, will definitely be your cup of tea.

Ain’t No Love is the union of two emcees, 1990 and Beanz, one producer, Liam Clacke, and a lovely vocalist, Saidah Conrad. Their innovative big bassy hip-hop and electro/dubstep inspired sounds are not to be overlooked.

Here’s their most recent work :

Ain't No Love - Days Like This ft. Quanche



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