I Wonder If Heaven Got A Stairway


I Wonder If Heaven Got A Stairway

What happens when you put two of the greatest musicians together to make one track, say 2pac and Led Zeppelin… you get some good quality shit. The Dj that created the mash up watermarks the start of a track with his name, which really irritates me cause it sounds like shit. I was thinking of editing it out before uploading it, but thought it would be best to leave alone for copyright purposes.

[audio:http://avengethevirgins.net/audio/I Wonder If Heaven Got A Stairway.mp3]

2pac vs. Gramatik - I Wonder If Heaven Got A Stairway

This is another mash up I bumped into, Led Zeppelin, Jurassic 5, Big L, Gangstarr & Pharcyde (O’B-City Mashup). Works well, however from 2:17 onwards it gets a bit iffy.


- Julian


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