Full Course: Entrée


Full Course: Entrée

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the Montreal underground club scene on St-Laurent street will recognize/be familiar with Richie, the doorman of Blue Dog.

I’ve crossed paths with dude for a few years, but only recently realized that he also moonlights as a rapper, and a pretty dope one at that.

Full Course – Story of My Life

I’m usually not the biggest fan of Montreal rappers, if only because I’ve yet to come across one that was talented with the wordplay and wasn’t too gimmicky. We may be known for our electronic dance music, our indie musicians and our instrumental hip-hop scene, but there have been very few Montreal MCs with any type of lasting power. There are a few Francophone rappers that are decent, but I’ve personally never heard any Montreal anglo rappers that could hold my attention.

Full Course, however, is one of the rare rappers from this city that has managed to climb to the top and impress me. Born and raised in Montreal’s west side, the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) neighbourhood, Full Course’s style is more on the Art of Storytelling tip, which I’m definitely a fan of. I downloaded his mixtape Entrée a few weeks ago, and it has gotten steady burn since then. Split halfway between introspective tales of the hustle and a few slower jams for the ladies, Entrée is a impressive debut from this up-and-coming wordsmith.

While I’m going to assume that he is not that well-known in the hip-hop scene yet, his rhymes have enough substance and swagger to guarantee a devoted fanbase and a healthy dose of local love. Montreal is well known for being critical and cannibalizing its artists, but Full Course has the skills (and the frame, let’s be honest) to last in the hip-hop game.

Full Course-Real City Reppin’

If you dig what you hear, please show Full Course some love & respect. You can download his mixtape Entrée for free below, and you can link up with him if you dig the steez. Full Course is one of the smoothest rappers that Montreal has to offer, so you know we had to shine a little light on his rhymes. Real City Reppin.

Download Entrée for free HERE (ctrl+save as)


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