Dominic Lord – Pierce

Dominic Lord – Pierce

We welcome this young and violently audacious Harlem emcee. Already featured on some of the most influential blogs, he is definitely one of the most engaged artists among the 2012 Hip-Hop recruits.

I’m usually not into Hip-Hop, but in spite of this, the delicious mix of cathedral voices, and deep, husky resumptions astonished and inspired me.

The self-directed video for song “Pierce” originally began as a fashion project before being associated with the music. The artist’s wild imagination is not only shown by the mix of kaleidoscopic orchids and screaming bleached women, but also by the contrast between the feminine aspect of the music and the video. The sensibility of Dominic Lord’s vibe seems to portray a certain aesthetic vision before the video stops to leaves us on a puzzling note. Abruptly stopping at the word “realize”, the video suggests that you might want to replay the video, step back, for you may find a whole different meaning behind this piece of art.

Dominic Lord – Pierce

Dominic Lord – Pierce (Oh Hail Mix)

Dominic Lord – Old English


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