Day One; A Song About Nothing


Day One; A Song About Nothing

So what else could i want that i don’t have yet?… the next Mac mixtape/album, thats what.

“Day one” kinda just popped out of nowhere having little announcement, previews or promoting before the released, so when I first heard it I thought maybe it was an old single I’d never found. Its almost like a missing track from K.I.D.S with the slow tempo, laid back, from the heart feel, so I’m hoping the tracks that join this one on his next cd sound exactly the same.

Mac Miller – Day One; A Song About Nothing

- Julian


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  • Awesome Mac Miller song..if you like him, then you might like Sammy Adams. He’s a new rapper that remixed “I Love College” a while back. His new song “Only One” is a great summer jam!

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