Booty Bakery # 42: Girl Unit, Rilly Guilty


Booty Bakery # 42: Girl Unit, Rilly Guilty

Once more into the fray, my friends.

You should already know the deal. Booty Bakery Thursdays, Montreal’s dopest weekly event, is back for more. This time, they’re going straight for the jugular.

Lookout, Scion Sessions & Booty Bakery present Booty Bakery #42: Girl Unit, RillyGuilty & BootyBasedMob

This Thursday, BootyBakery returns to Belmont for a very special evening. I’ve often said that they curate an event like no other collective in Montreal, and BootyBakery # 42 is yet another example of this. This one will be slightly darker than past events, if only because they’ve brought UK producer Girl Unit to our shores. If you’re a fan of rap, sinister dance music, 808s and nigh-unbearable amounts of bass, this one’s for you.

Girl Unit (Night Slugs, LDN)

If you aren’t familiar with Girl Unit’s classic tune Wut, then you clearly have not been paying attention. This London-based producer has released some of the darkest and most spectacularly heavy dance music of the past few years, and it is a real pleasure to see him coming to Montreal. Wut‘s power as a crossover tune is pretty mighty, and I’m certain that he converted a few rap heads to electronic music, which is always welcome. With the advent of “Trap” style production, I’m hoping that many more people will clue into his talent. His newest release on the infamous Night Slugs label is called Club Rez, and good loooooord it bangs. I’ve included a little snippet below, as well as another monster called Every Time.

Night Slugs - Club Rez

GIRLUNIT - Every Time


Rilly Guilty (MusicIsMySanctuary/Lookout, MTL)

Rilly Guilty is one of the 514′s hardest working DJs, having opened for innumerable rappers, DJs and acts throughout the past few years . His skills as a selector are definitely appreciated and admired by many in our city, and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of magic he’ll be sprinkling on the crowd this Thursday. I’ve included a sweet remix he produced last year of Take-Cristalia for your listening pleasure.

Take- Cristalia (Guilty’s One Paper remix)


The BootyBasedMob is of course there to inaugurate the festivities and ensure that all of you are properly warmed the fuck up before Girl Unit decimates legions of Montreal hipsters . One minute, they’ll have you running to the bathrooms to spike your sprite avec un peu de sirop with their trap house anthems, and the other, they’ll have you daggering the closest hottie with a bit of dancehall. Schizophrenic vibes, mayhaps, but it always fits. Just trust them. Surgeon General’s Warning: Your pupils will likely dilate upon hearing their sets.

Compton Chic
Phil Sparkz

BootyBakery facebook page
5$ Before Midnight
10$ After
@ Le Belmont (4483 Boulevard St-Laurent)

Facebook Event page

As always, we’ve included our features on BootyBakeries past, so that you can get a feel for the event. If you live in Montreal and have yet to scope out one of these events, you need to check it out post-haste. Even if you’re just passing through, BootyBakery is a must-see.

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