Booty Bakery # 20: FullCrate, Kaytradamus, High-Klassified, Smile/Smah


Booty Bakery # 20: FullCrate, Kaytradamus, High-Klassified, Smile/Smah

All respect due to For Your Benefit for the photo.

Avenge The Virgins would like to announce our brand new partnership with local collective BootyBakery. We’ve been pretty lazy on the local networking tip, but that’s about to change.

BootyBakery is a great party/collective based in Montreal. Resident DJs Bongiovanni, Compton Chic and Phil Sparkz bring some of the dopest and most varied party vibes to our shores every Thursday Night at the Blue Dog Motel. They showcase the best local and international acts, playin everything from juke, dancehall, garage, bass, rap and everything in between. Their goal is to make asses shake, and that’s a mission statement that I can get down with.

I’ve been to a few so far, and from what I can recall (cough) the crowd is always mad hype, and the energy is ridiculous. The people are beautiful, the booze flows endlessly, the beats are always tight. Most importantly, folks get fuckin’ loooooose. Crisse de beau mélange.

If all goes as planned, we’ll be throwing up a weekly feature, showcasing the talent that BootyBakery brings to the beautiful shores of Montreal. We’ll also be devoting a section in the Category menu on the left side of the site, so you can keep tabs on the heat.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Booty Bakery # 20: Artbeat (MTL) x Full Crate (NL)

Facebook event

This week, BootyBakery is collaborating with local hip-hop collective Artbeat, and is bringing Dutch producer Full Crate to Montreal for some smooth grooves. This week’s BootyBakery will be unbearably dope, I can bloody guarantee. A line-up this tripped-out is bound to be magical. I’d recommend bringing some party favors, as this one will be pure vibes.

Bakery Menu:

Full Crate

Fullcrate is a fantastic producer out of the Netherlands. I first came across his name when perusing the list of participants in the 2011 Red Bull Music Academy, and have been trying to track of his work ever since. Fullcrate makes amazing funky electronic music that is instantly memorable and will be appreciated by anyone. I’m hoping he’ll be treating us to a sweet live performance and I’m thinking there may be babies made on the dancefloor during his set. Supremely sexy and suave beats are in store.


Fullcrate ft Mark Pritchard- Dangle


Fullcrate ft David Simmons- Without my Heart



For those unfamiliar with Kaytradamus, step your game up. I posted up a pretty extensive feature on him yesterday, so get aquainted. Dude goes in.



High-Klassified is another hip-hop producer from the 514 with a love for the funk. Solid basslines and head-boppin’ melodies are the name of the game.



A local beatsmith, reppin’ for the Artbeat crew. I haven’t heard much of his stuff, but what I have heard is pretty blunted-out. Which is always a good thing.


And of course, holdin it down are the resident pastry chef tastemakers of BootyBakery:


Compton Chic

Phil Sparkz

100$ /vodka bottle
2 mixed drinks for 8$
10$ b4 11pm

Bootybakery Facebook

I’ll see you fiends at Blue Dog this thursday. Show some love to the BootyBakery crew. And buy me a drink.




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