AtV presents vol 3: Drippin (NO)


AtV presents vol 3: Drippin (NO)

You know what time it is.

We are very proud to feature the third installment of our Avenge The Virgins mix series, presented by one of our favorite new producers, the prolific Norwegian producer known as Drippin.

Hailing from Bergen, on the west coast of Norway, Drippin has exploded onto the scene with a high number of extremely innovative and bass-heavy remixes and originals. He’s collaborated with both Bosstone and Strictface, and his tunes have been rinsed by some of the most forward thinking producers and DJs out there. If Drippin is not on your radar yet, he will be very soon.

Our first two mixes were very different from each other (our first one, mixed by Azamat B, was a legendary Ballroom opus, and the second by Bombé was a lesson in dark rave vibes), so we need we needed to enlist the help of a DJ who would be open to doing something fucked-up and suprise the hell out of you.

Knowing Drippin’s production style, I was expecting a slow sizzurpy roll of a mix, but he surprised me by mixing in some of the wildest shit I’ve heard in a minute. It starts with a murderous grime/2step whirlwind, with an amazing remix by French duo Clapper Lark, dips into familiar territory with subwoofer-collapsing codeine trance beats, and finishes with a thunderous bang. To be honest with you, MEGADRVNK is the perfect mix of titanesque bow-throwing beats and drugged-out synapse frying swagger.

It has been 6 months since we’ve dropped out last mix, so you know we had to bring our A-Game and get one of the tightest producers in the game to feed your ravenous hunger.

Without further ado, let’s get into it:

Avenge The Virgins presents MEGADRVNK by Drippin
(Download link on the soundcloud player)


1. Drippin x Strictface – Buss Mi Gunz (Clapper Lark Remix)
2. Samename – Mishima Curse
3. Sinden VS 5kinAndBone5 – Coin Power
4. Cashmere Cat – Hhalden
5. Cosmic Revenge – Night Vision
6. Drippin – Worlds Apart
7. Cracksmurf – It Aint About The Money
8. Kanye West – Mercy (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz)
9. The Drum – $


Although a bit shorter than our other mixes (clocking in at 21:13), MEGADRVNK is our most high-tempo & aggresive mix yet. Instead of building a vibe and taking you on a slow sonic adventure, Drippin grabs you by the throat and launches you facefirst into the skirmish immediately. This is post-pokemon knife-fight music that’ll have you throwing 40oz bottles of malt liquor while spilling your double-cup of lean all over the place. Any producer that mixes club music, drug vibes and heavy rap beats into one mix gets immediate love from me.

We hope that you have enjoyed the mix, and will download it, share it with your loved ones, blast it in the whip and shout it on the fuckin’ rooftops. I’d definitely appreciate it if you could shout out the big homie Drippin, either on soundcloud, facebook or twitter. He’s got an EP coming out in the next few months, and you should definitely keep an eye out for that.

Lastly, we’d like to give a huge shout-out to Drippin for whippin’ up this amazing mix, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed every second. We appreciate all of your support over the past few years. ATV 4 LYFE.



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